Thomas, Why Are You Suddenly Posting So Much in WordPress?

Unless you’ve had me blocked or just haven’t really been reading social media a lot lately, you may have noticed that most of what I’m putting out is now a link here. There are several causes, and I’ll hypothesize someone asking the exact question I’d need to answer with what I want to say.

Why aren’t you just posting to <favorite social media site>?

A friend of mine asked, rhetorically, why they should follow someone on multiple social media sites if they were putting up the same stuff on all of them. By consolidating my big ideas that I want to share with everyone into one big post that I share everywhere, whatever extra I share on each site can now be just what I do differently for each. And each, of course, has its own merits that I try to utilize.

Why are you suddenly so verbose?

Twitter isn’t known for being a platform that encourages it to begin with, but almost no social media site really has room for me to put everything I want to put down all at once. Life is complicated, and for the things that I feel necessary to express my thoughts on, doing that clearly and concisely typically goes well beyond whatever arbitrary character limit has been imposed upon me. This isn’t a failure of those sites, of course.

You haven’t really been consistent with how or what you’re posting.

That’s not a question, but it’s a good observation. No, I haven’t. I’m still finding the best balance for me of “This is my opinion of this thing I find worth discussing,” “Here’s all the context I think is relevant,” and “Here’s all these things I learned today!” The last one apparently being the least popular as you can see below, and that’s okay. It’s a learning process, and how I post now probably won’t be how I’m posting by the end of next week.

Won’t making people click a link to read your word salads make people less inclined to read what you write?

Probably. I’m not a politician or an activist with a cause, though. I have no plans to be the next Great American Author. Writing this is as much for me as it is for the people who read it, and I’m doing this, in part, to make sure I know what I’m thinking and to demonstrate, at least to myself, that I know why I’m thinking it. Self reflection is difficult if you’re out of habit, and I’m pretty well out of habit.
It’s true that the response has been a bit underwhelming, but I’m apparently making solid adjustments.

That's a bunch of numbers.
It should probably be noted, though, that by reading this far, you’ve tacitly endorsed what I’m doing.

Wait, you can now see when people just look at what you’re posting? Won’t that create an absurdly strong feeling of personal rejection when they don’t give ANY kind of feedback, positive or negative?


So, where should I give feedback?

Everywhere. In whatever social media had the link to the post. As a comment on this site. In a personal/instant message. By phone. By text message. In person, if you see me. I’m a bit rusty on semaphores and smoke signals, but I’ll refresh myself on them just for you if that’s how you want to talk back.

Are there any questions plaguing the people who read it that you haven’t answered here?

I don’t know. You tell me.

Are You Ever Going To Give Up The Theme Of “Be Reasonable”?

Never! You know, unless you make a reasonable argument for it.

And as always:

Thanks for reading.


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