Imposter Syndrome

I’ve got it. I’ve had it. I imagine lots of people do. I got a small reminder today that I do know what I’m talking about and that I am useful, though, and that was very reassuring.

I know why I have it. It’s actually related to why I’m so optimistic about people in general – I think that, with enough time, determination, and effort, most people could do anything any other person does. We’re flexible. We’re dynamic. We’re adaptive. It might take longer for some people, sure. And, yeah, of course physical features are going to make a difference. You can’t teach tall. Men aren’t capable of gestating others. But, when it comes to acquiring a skill, I honestly believe normal adults can do anything, and will get better as they continue to do it.

So, from that perspective, we’re all just cogs in machines. Ready to be changed out at any point. It doesn’t make the machine less dependent on SOMEONE being that part, of course. And, to reflect on the previous paragraph, those cogs can go anywhere. It may not fit immediately, but it most likely will over time. Wherever I end up, I have to remember that even if I don’t feel like I’m the best person suited to the job, as long as I’m helping, as long as I’m fulfilling a need, I’m exactly where I should be. See a need, fill a need.


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