Further Thinking

I had a write up about what I should be writing up on this blog. It was silly. I don’t have to know why anyone would read this, only why I write it. And I write it to get my thoughts out of my head. Not that I’m trying to get rid of them, but to express them. At the moment, most of my thoughts center around hunger.

I’m not going to devote huge amounts of time to this. This is not a place to write about what’s going on at work or at home or the latest headline. This is for those reflective thoughts which mostly produce nonsense, but every now and then produce a self-revealed nugget of truth. It may not be a new truth. Your personal experience may have long ago revealed it. Good for you. Some of us still have a long road to self-discovery to travel, so mind the gaps.

Good luck to both of us.


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