I post things!

I don’t post everything. Not yet. But, I post lots of things. Maybe too many things. Maybe not enough things. Maybe what I need isn’t another place to put my thoughts. Maybe I need to stop segregating my audiences and just let people think what they’re going to think. Maybe I should start writing this thing like other people are reading it instead of just writing down what’s in my head.

Hi there! Thanks for reading! I have no reason to expect that anyone who doesn’t know me will be reading this, but if I’m more popular than I thought, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Thomas.
I grew up in middle Georgia. I went to college at Georgia Tech. They tell me that I can say that I’m an Electrical Engineer. I don’t yet have a Professional Engineering license, so I don’t do that. Currently, I create webpages to track inventories.

I like music.
It truly is the greatest of the arts. I was in some form of marching band for 9 years. It’s been a while since I’ve played with other people. It’s taught me more general ideas that contribute to my model of reality. Everyone can contribute. Everyone has a part to play. Someone has to lead, but only one person can at a time. Perfect execution is a nice goal, but you don’t stop playing just because you miss a beat.

I like reality.
I know not everyone thinks of reality the same way, and most people don’t model it the way I do. There are some topics where I’m sometimes confrontational about this, but I’m always open to hearing new things. I like evidence. Let me see it. Let me hear it. Let me observe it. Show me how you know it’s true. Prove to me you’ve ruled out all the other ways it could be true. And, above all else, be honest.

I like reading
News. Science. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Social media. Yes, even the comments. The internet has made this worse.

I like thinking I’ll keep adding to this. I like thinking I’m going to post what I’ve read for the day and thoughts about those stories as a single post. I like thinking I’ll post more than just that, and be a creative human being instead of just someone reacting to their reality. We’ll wait for the evidence.


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